Rules – Bike Prague


In connection with my participation in the sporting event Bike Prague (hereinafter referred to as the “event”), organised by the company Česká asociace zážitkového sportu, z.s., with its registered office at Přívozní 1064/2a, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7 (hereinafter referred to as the ”organiser“), on 19th May 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the ”sporting event“), I (see the data in the registration form)

hereby declare

on the basis of my free and earnest will, which is executed in the prescribed form and not under obviously disadvantageous conditions


  • I am completely healthy, without any medical limitations that would limit or make my participation in the sporting event impossible;
  • I will participate in the event of my own free will, solely at my own risk and responsibility and that I take full responsibility resulting from this decision;
  • I was duly familiarised with all the safety rules pertaining to the sporting event, in particular with the fact that the event is held in the field, in conditions corresponding to the climatic conditions prevailing at that given time and that the road rules must be complied with;
  • I will respect and obey all the instructions given by the organiser or, more precisely, the persons entrusted by the organiser with the organisation of the sporting event;
  • I acknowledge that the sporting event is physically exhausting and mentally demanding and I understand the situation that participating in it can also result in serious injury. I have considered this situation and undergo this risk completely voluntarily.
  • I have considered and fully assume the risk associated with the individual obstacles that may vary during the event itself due to various weather conditions, may become loose or dislodged, and consequently lead to serious injury threatening my life. The organiser assumes no responsibility for these situations.
  • I consent with all the known and unknown risks associated with the sporting event’s circuit;
  • I acknowledge that a bicycle (in a good technical condition) and a safety helmet, which I must wear on my head during the entire race, are compulsory components of the sports equipment for participation in the sporting event. I am personally responsible for the condition of the sports equipment and apparel.

I am aware that the organiser is not liable for my medical condition caused by or due to participation in the sporting event. It is my duty to undergo a medical check-up prior to the sporting event and to read all the information provided by the organiser.

Furthermore, I irrevocably waive my right to compensation for any injury (damage) that I may have or for which I will be entitled to, on a contractual or non-contractual basis, for any type of injury (damage) that I suffer directly or indirectly, whether by way of physical injury, damage to property, loss of the ability to work or pain and suffering due to or as a result of my participation in the sporting event. I grant this waiver of the right to compensation and the exemption from liability in favour of the organiser and all of its representatives, agents and sub-contractors, and all other persons participating in the sporting event, whether actively or as spectators.

I further acknowledge that all activities and behaviour conducted at the venue of the sporting event that cannot, by their nature, be classified as being participation in the sporting event, are my private matter. The organiser assumes no responsibility for such conduct and its possible consequences.