Bike Prague 2018 is forced to alter the route but the popular single tracks will be taken twice – Bike Prague

Bike Prague 2018 is forced to alter the route but the popular single tracks will be taken twice 3.5.2018

The reconstruction of the railway crossing at Černošice and the related diversion on the II / 101 road has disrupted the plans of the organizers of the seventh year of Bike Prague (19 May 2018), which will not go all the way to Cukrák and will focus on the northern part of the Český kras Protected Landscape Area.

Last year‘s newly included single tracks at Chýnice will be preserved by the organizers and they will even let the racers to take them twice. The race will include ford passages, forest sections and a passage through Prokopské údolí.

Both tracks will be changed: the shorter one will measure around 30 km and will practically copy last year’s, while the technical section at Chýnice will be excluded. The long track will be roughly 55 km in length and the long section between Choteč, Chýnice, Třebotov and Kosoř will be taken twice.

For this reason the starts will be separated. The contest will begin on the long track at high noon. The short track race will start at 15:00 when most of the bikers will be outside the section on the long track. The reason for this is the racers’ safety.

The bikers can still choose the race track but they have to decide before the start on which track they will compete.

“We didn’t want to alter the race tracks so much because of the reconstruction of the Černošice crossing but we had no choice. By agreement with the transport department for Prague West we could not use a diversion or choose a cross-traffic route,” said by way of explanation the race organizer Lubor Tesař, formerly a top Czech cyclist.

The organizers received the final rejection in the second half of April, and since then they have tried to find the best possible solution. “We have also discussed the possibility of building overpasses over roads that serve as roundabouts. However, due to the last autumn storm, it is not possible to enter most of the forest paths to the south of Třebotov, where there are still fallen trees being removed. Unfortunately, this will not be completed by the start of the race,” he said.

One of the options was extending the route with new sections over the roundabout but there the organizers had to give in to the Český kras Protected Landscape Area officials and respect a ban on bikes entering sections with a higher degree of protection. “We are always in a protected area and we don’t want to disturb it. We are obliging in respect of the PLA and next year we want to return to the original favourite route of Bike Prague,” added Tesař.

The Bike Prague race which takes place on Saturday 19 May on the new tracks from Galerie Butovice is the seventh in a row. At the start there should be almost 2,000 bikers of all standards including children. People can still register at The morning programme will be dedicated to children who will be able to choose from several smaller races according to age.