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About race

  • The race starts directly form Prague and leads through the forests and across the meadows of the “Český kras” Protected Nature Reserve.
  • So you just need to get out of the metro at Nové Butovice with your bike and you will be at the start. We are looking forward to seeing you!
  • The start is at the „Galerie Butovice“shopping center; right next to the metro station.

The race is part of the prestigious international „Intersport-Marathon Series“, which also includes the legendary Austrian race „Salzkammergut Trophy“. There will be 2 different tracks, so that everybody will enjoy their selves, no matter if they are seasoned bikers with rainbow jerseys or novices facing their first race. If you have not decided yet whether you want to work hard or just have an easy ride, you will be able to decide at the race day on which track you will ride (35 or 55 km).
Enough talk, let’s see the details!

About race

How do you want to ride?

55 km – For strong people

The long route is intended for both expert bikers and for those who like challenges.. You will face technically demanding descents, sharp uphill sections and other interesting stretches. The route is 55 km long with a difference of altitude of about 1,050 meters.

35 km – For beginners

The shorter route will please all those who like to ride a bike and would like to experience the atmosphere of a race. The route leads along wide paths with no tricky stretches and it is even possible to ride on a trek bike. Of course, you will not be riding in a completely flat landscape. The route is 35 km long and you will deal with a difference of altitude of 705 meters.


You can register online on this website until the 13 Mai (16 Mai for card payment) 2018.

You can also register on-place on Friday, 18. 5. 2018 from 12 to 20 and on the day of the race, Saturday 19. 5. 2018 from 7 to 11 (children can register until 9.30).

Registration and distribution of the starting packages will take place at the Intersport store in Galerie Butovice.

Starting Fee

Starting fee – races 55 and 35 km (you can decide straight on track, for which distance you will compete)

Until 31.12. 2017 400 CZK per person
Until 31.3. 2018 500 CZK per person
400 CZK per person in collective registrations
Until 17.5. 2018 600 CZK per person
500 CZK per person in collective registrations
On-site registration 700 CZK for an individual

ATTENTION: Group/tandem registrations will not be possible on-site!

The payment of the entry fee is not refundable. A change of the competitor’s name will be possible for free until 15.5., and on-site paying 100 CZK.
The capacity of the race is limited to 2,000 runners.

Comfort for All Racers

Maintenance service and bike washing service will be available for every racer after the race. In addition, everyone will receive a sticker for their bike and small gifts from the partners.

After the race, you will have the chance to win more prizes at the lottery. Pay attention to the starting number picked, it could be yours!

Refreshment along the Route

There will be refreshment points furnished with water, Enervit and chocolate bars Nature Valley and Enervit drink along the route. The refreshment points will be 5 for the 55km-race and 3 for the 35km-race.

Refreshment at the Finish Line

Besides a refreshment point, there will be a hot meal waiting for every racer at the finish.

Bike service on track

Even though some service points will be to find also along the track after the most demanding parts, you should be ready for every circumstance and take an essential „bike survival kit“ with you. We will be able to provide only a limited quantity of spare inner tubes.

Maintenance Service at the Finish Line

You will have the possibility to have your bike adjusted at the service points in the Intersport inflatable tent at the venue before the race and in the Intersport shop after the race.

Bike Washing Service after the Race

Right after your arrival at the finish, you will be able to clean your bike at the washing service available at the venue.

Issue of Starting Numbers and Packages

This will take place on the site of the race (in the shopping centre Galerie Butovice) on Friday 18 Mai 2018 and on the day of the race on 19 Mai 2018. Information about the times and exact location will be provided next.

Bike and belongings depo

At the venue there will be a guarded depot and custody cases where to put personal belongings. Stands for the bikes will be stationed in the area in front of the shopping centre Gallery Butovice. You are kindly asked to take your locker with you as it is strictly forbidden to enter the centre with a bike.

Your memories

After the race, you will find the videos and pictures of you taken during the competition, which you will be able to download for free from the event’s website.


Categories depend on the competitor’s year of birth .

55 km: 35 km:
15 – 18 yo M a F
(2000 – 2003)
15 – 18 yo M a F
(2000 – 2003)
19 – 39 yo M a F
(1979 – 1999)
19 – 39 yo M a F
(1979 – 1999)
40 – 49 yo M a F
(1969 – 1978)
40 – 49 yo M a F
(1969 – 1978)
50 – 59 yo M a F
(1959 – 1968)
50 – 59 yo M a F
(1959 – 1968)
60 – 69 yo M a F
(1949 – 1958)
60 – 69 yo M a F
(1949 – 1958)
70 yo and older M and F
1948 and older
70 yo and older M and F
1948 and older


Valuable prizes will be given to the first three male and female racers in each category. The absolute male and female winners will also receive prize money:


1st place 5000 CZK
2nd place 2500 CZK
3rd place 1500 CZK


1st place 5000 CZK
2nd place 2500 CZK
3rd place 1500 CZK

Route Signs

You will certainly not get lost during the actual race. There will be tape clearly marking the route and “ATTENTION!” signs before demanding parts of the track. It is strictly forbidden to overtake when on bridges!


By car

GPS: 50°2’53.618″N, 14°21’15.779″E. 

Parking in the garage of shopping center Galerie Butovice. Up to 2,2 m height.

By metro

Metro stop Nové Butovice, B line. About 7 minutes by walk to the shopping center Galerie Butovice

Team Competitions

Rules for the Tandem Category

Tandems – create a team composed of a man and a woman in any kind of relationship and decide which one of you will ride the short route and which will ride the long route in order to compete with other couples. The couples with the lowest sum of race times will win.

Rules for the Slow Motion Category

Slow Motion – create the largest team possible with no number of participants of track choice limitations. The team with the highest sum of times will win.

ATTENTION! During registration on the site, it will no longer be possible to create and change Tandems and Slow Motion teams!

Preliminary program

Friday, 18th Mai 2018

12:00 – 20:00 Registration, issue of starting packages at the shopping center Galerie Butovice

Saturday, 19th Mai 2018

7:00 – 14:00 Registration, issue of starting packages adults
7:00 – 9:30 Registration, issue of starting packages kids
10:00 Start children’s category 10-14 years, 3 km
10:15 Start children 8-9 years old category, 2 km
10:30 Start children 6-7 years old category, 700 m
10:45 Start children up to 5 years old category, 350 m
12:00 Start (in four waves) of the main race – 55 km route
12:30 – 12:50 Prize giving ceremonies for all children‘s categoriesla
15:00 Start (in four waves) of the main race – 35 km route
15:15 Announcement and prize giving ceremony of absolute winners of 55 km
17:15 Announcement and prize giving ceremony of absolute winners of 35 km
18:00 Lottery with many prizes
19:00 Time limit for the race


For younger bikers, we have prepared the routes from 300 m up to 3 km. Maps of children´s races HERE.


Year of birth Category Race
2012 and younger Benjamínci 350 m
2010-2011 Předžáci 700 m
2008-2009 Nejmladší žáci 2 km
2006-2007 Mladší žáci 3 km
2004-2005 Starší žáci 3 km

Starting fee

Until 16.5. 2018 100 CZK per person
50 CZK per person in collective registrations
On-site registration 150 CZK per person